Causes of roof damage


Your house roof providesyou with the protection you need while being at your home. Damage to your roof could cause a lot of damage to your entire house. To prevent this damage, you need to maintain and repair your house roofs, if required. Roof damage generally leads to roof leakage which causes dripping or pouring of water inside the house.

Most of the people do not care about their roofs thinking that their roofs are going to last forever but this isn’t the case. Almost every type of roofs requires replacement, some a little later than the others. Roofing Company Tulsa is one of the best roofing company you could contact for replacing your house roofs. In order to protect or maintain your roof, you need to know their causes of damage first



It is generally poor maintenance which causes damage to your house roof. Without maintenance, nothing is going to function properly. Due to lack of roofing maintenance, fungus and moss grow on the roofs. This fungus causes the moisture and water to seep through the under a layer of the roof and the wearing out of the shingles begin.  This leads to rotting of the roofs. Insects and blistering of the roofs are another causes of roof damage. If your house roofs are cleaned regularly, there won’t be any growth of fungus or bacteria and your roof will be in a healthy condition for a longer time. Proper maintenance is the key to the healthy life of your rooftops.

Weather conditions

Frequent changing of weather conditions is another cause of roof damage. Severe weather conditions also affect the durability of the roof. High sped rains weaken the shingles and nails which holds the roof together. Accumulation of rainwater on the rooftop causes the water to enter through the roof which results in water seepage. This is bad not only for the roofs but also for the house. Water destroys the granules and makes them weak. UV radiations are also linked to deterioration of the shingles, especially asphalt shingles. Generally, there isn’t much which you can do in such weather conditions other than replacing your house roofs.


Roof damage is caused due to various reasons. Some of them could be prevented while some cannot. But you could contact a roofing company which will get your work done of replacing your old roofs with a new one and many other roofing works.